A New Era of Photo Messaging is Here
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A New Era of Photo Messaging is Here!

Are you afraid of being fired from your job, getting divorced or being cyberbullied by having your secrets revealed

Are you too afraid to reveal your personal information in this hyper-connected world?

It’s time to get over your fear and take control as CU brings a new era of messaging

Share a photoand connect with your loved ones

Pictures are not just images - they are an illustration of your memories and you share memories only with the ones you cherish in life

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Keep Your Identity Private

Unlike other apps, wherein you need to share your personal details before beginning a conversation, CU is built on a new idea where you can talk to people by just sharing a photo.

Chat Anonymously

Speak your heart out without the fear of getting judged by anyone. Get in touch with people without revealing your identity and start chatting.

Delete Or Edit Unwanted Messages

How would it feel if you could travel back in time and make some changes? With CU, you can take your words back and delete what you said or edit it over again.

Send Images Anonymously

You can express how you feel and talk to people without actually saying a word with CU’s Anonymous Image sending facility. You can send GIF’s, memes and much more.

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Life is fun when youfeel free & secure

Befriend only when you trust! Connect in a new way: Share a photo with single tap and become friends. Say good bye to spam chats & calls.