App registration through email, phone number, social media accounts. What’s next?

I have been keeping a rough track of the number of IDs and passwords I have on different applications. I think today I created an ID and password for the 100th app. I’m afraid I cannot remember 100: I can remember about eight. So, do I keep them all the same or do I keep a list somewhere?

According to research compiled by WebHostingBuzz, requiring users to enter email addresses, names and other data – and remembering those set of usernames and passwords – puts them off and you might actually drive them to other apps. In fact, as per Blue Research, 54% of users stated they would prefer actually leaving an app and go to another app rather completing an individual registration form. The general estimate of average number of passwords users currently have to remember vary from around 7 to 30, but we can assume so-called ‘password fatigue’ will only get worse.

To lessen the ‘password fatigue’ if you think of using the same password for every app, remember anyone who figures out one of your passwords will have all of them. Although unique passwords serve as a convenient and (often) effective means of preventing your identity and data from being stolen, remembering them all can prove difficult.

There are many businesses these days who have started using social login, also known as social sign-on, as an alternative of registration through usernames and passwords. Social login allows users to access websites using their existing social account IDs – such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Many apps that implement social sign-on require you to have a Facebook or Twitter account. While Facebook and Twitter have huge user bases (which are still growing), not everyone uses either or both of them. By using only one or two sign-on options, you could be turning users away.

Whether it’s due to privacy concerns or frustration, app users have higher standards than ever before for a sleek and simple registration process. People have been using phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts for app registration but now they are exhausted of all these old registration techniques. They look forward to something more innovative and revolutionary.

So, what’s next?

Share in the comments below what new you are looking forward to in the world of mobile app registration.


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